Flow Cytometry


Flow cytometry (CMF) provides multiparametric and statistically reliable information on cellular properties. This technique is essential for biomedical research.

BD FACSCanto II – HTS is under the responsibility of a Research Engineer and a Research Technician, whose missions are the provision of analysis, advice and assistance in the development of specific applications in flow cytometry.

BD FACSCanto II – HTS (BD Biosciences)

Crédit : J.PICOT











Equipped with 3 fiber lasers 20mW Argon 488nm (blue laser), 17mW HeNe 633nm (red laser) and 30mW Argon 405nm (purple laser), this cytometer makes it possible to simultaneously analyze morphological parameters (FSC, SSC) and 8 fluorescences in configuration 4/2/2. The optical bench is composed of an octagon (blue laser) and two trigones (red laser and purple laser). An automatic pump ensures high fluid stability. This analyzer is equipped with the high throughtput sampler (HTS) module allowing the analysis of 96- and 384-well plates. This module saves time. The acquisition (18 bits – 5 decades) and analysis are carried out with the software BD FACSDiva Software (v.8.0.1). Post-acquisition compensation is possible (FCS 3.1) and this software offers the possibility of having a bi-exponential scale.

This instrument was funded by the Ile-de-France Region (SESAME), INTS, Inserm and Paris Diderot University.


Analysis and reprocessing station

This analysis station is equipped with BD FACSDiva Software (BD Biosciences) version 8, FlowJo (Tree Star Inc.) and FCS Express 6 and connected to a printer color laser.