The bioinformatic platform of the unit consists of a Web server hosting the Web tools and the databases made by the researchers of the team, a files server for the storage of the data and a cluster essentially used for simulations of molecular dynamics.
This platform is maintained by the engineers Hubert Santuz and Sylvain Léonard, in close collaboration with researcher and lecturer Jean-Christophe Gelly, Patrick Fuchs and Pierre Poulain.


Web Tools

You can find our web tools on this page : DSIMB tools


Web server

. Description
Rack Dell PowerEdge R710 2U
CPU 2x Intel Xeon Quadcore E5507
2.26 GHz

File server

. Description
Rack Dell PowerEdge 1950 1U
Dell PowerVault MD1000 3U
CPU 2x Intel Xeon E5405……………….
Hard Drive 15 To

Cluster – Iena

1 master node
– Dell PowerEdge R710 2U
– 2x Intel Xeon E5540 2.53GHz
13 compute node
– Dell PowerEdge R410 1U
– 2x Intel Xeon E5540 2.53GHz
– 24 Gb de RAM
– Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS édition serveur

Cluster – Serenity

Funded by a Sesame project (région Ile de France – INTS).

1 Administration node
– 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2609 2.4 GHz
– 32 Gb RAM
– SuSe Linux Entreprise Server (SLES)
1 Service node
– 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2660 2.2 GHz
– 64 Gb RAM
1 rack leader
– 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2603 1.8 GHz
– 32 Gb RAM
– 1 To disk space
1 MIS (Modular InfiniteStorage Server)
– 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R) E5-2609 2.4 GHz
– 128 Gb RAM
– 60 To disk space
48 noeud de calcul
– 2x Xeon E5-2670 2.6 GHz
– 32 Go RAM